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Delano Recovery Center is the leading substance abuse and disorder center. It was founded by John and Ashley Whitman in 2011, two years after they lost their son to a drug overdose. It serves the Kern County, California area. Here our patients receive an evidence-based 12-step program. This is delivered in combination with a holistic approach.

At Delano, we know how important it is to find the right care for our patients. Our medical team is top-notch. They will give you the trust and compassion you deserve. We are an accredited center and offer different lengths of stay. Each patient’s needs will be individually evaluated to determine the best care. The treatment offered will extend beyond the duration of stay at Delano. Before arrival, we will prepare our patients for their treatment.  After the patient leaves, we will continue the relationship to protect against relapse. This way each patient will be ready to live a successful life.

We understand that choosing the right rehab center is an important choice you or your loved one makes. It is our mission at Delano Recovery Center to make sure that each one of our patients can live a full life far beyond our walls.

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Treatment begins with a period of detox, including taking medication. After, patients will start the therapy process to prepare for a proper transition to aftercare.


GHB Addiction, Cocaine Addiction, Heroin Addiction, Crystal Meth Addiction


Delano Recovery Center would like to recommend that anyone going through drug addiction seek help through a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

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When a team is prepared to tackle severe medical or mental illness, success is more likely. In these cases, intensive interventions may be needed.
Qualified Doctors
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