Medications for Treatment

At Delano Recovery Center, we have many treatment medications. Each patient’s needs will be different. Every type of drug addiction needs to be handled differently to reduce withdrawal symptoms carefully. The comfort of the patient is essential. Anti-Addiction medications are a large part of many of our patients’ recovery. When given in combination with therapy and counseling, our patients have a great opportunity for success. Patients will feel better and will be less likely to relapse when they leave our facility.

Very often it is vital to our patients’ success outside of Delano that their treatment include these anti-addiction medications. Here are some of our most effective and widely used medications:

  • Ritalin

Ritalin is now widely used as a treatment for people fighting cocaine addiction. The way this works is that it controls nerve pathways in the brain to create balance. Like cocaine, it is a powerful stimulant. The difference is that Ritalin’s route to the brain is a much slower process. Though this medication has not yet been FDA-approved as a treatment for cocaine users, we have seen success with it in our patients.

  • Buprenorphine

Buprenorphine is used by patients with heroin addiction or other similar opiates. This medication reduces cravings in patients. Over time it reduces the risk of relapse or future abuse. It works like that of opiate drug use, but with a much safer outcome. It is not a quick fix. It allows for the patient to slowly stop the dependence on the heroin or other opiates.

  • Naltrexone

Naltrexone is used for opiate addiction. It will be given to patients only after their detox process has been completed. This is because it can compound the withdrawal symptoms unnecessarily. Naltrexone works very differently than other opiate treatment medications. It eliminates the high that opiate abusers feel. The goal is for the addict to no longer be dependent on the drug for its euphoric effects. It has minimal side effects. It is essential that our patients are also receiving therapy at the same time.

  • Suboxone

Buprenorphine and Naltrexone together are called Suboxone. At Delano, it is widely used in our patients with an opiate dependence addiction. In fact, it is what we administer most to our patients. It offers a high success rate. After the detox period, patients needing a combination of the two drugs will begin with a small dose. The prescription increases a little bit at a time. We give this medication as a benefit to our patients so they can curb cravings and avoid relapse.

  • Methadone

Methadone is a strong substance used to help our patients cope with the pain that comes with drug withdrawal. It is important that this drug is only taken by patients who are under the care of medical staff. When other addictions reducing medications aren’t working, methadone is often the next choice. It tricks the person’s brain into thinking he is getting the misused drug. This leads to reduced cravings for the individual.