How Long Does the Treatment in Delano Recovery Center Take?

 At the Delano Recovery Center, the Center for Combating Drug Abuse in Delano, California, we believe in the full treatment and recovery of everyone who walks through our doors. The rehab length of stay ultimately depends on the services that you are seeking from us.

We have a housing rehab program where you stay with us and learn precisely how to live your life without drugs. It’s ultimately up to you to decide to get well, but utilizing our housing program is a great way to make sure you stay on track. Make the most of your opportunities by giving it a chance.

Housing rehab is the best choice if you don’t have your own support system, which is often the case for addicts. This is because it can be hard to stick to your guns and figure out even how to handle day to day life. The Delano Recovery Center helps you manage your funds, your schedule, and more.

You learn how to enter back into society as a productive member and are surrounded by like-minded people so that you do not end up relapsing back into drug addiction. Many people experience relapses, and this environment is the best way to prevent that overall.

Also provided are substance abuse treatment plan interventions, which means that on occasion, we help provide services to intervene on behalf of your family and offer the help you need. It can be hard to convince drug addicts that they need help, and can even be dangerous to confront them alone. That’s why we have licensed specialists available to help direct the course of the intervention and design your treatment plan with you.

Substance abuse treatment and the stages of change can be a lengthy process. An in-patient rehab can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days while staying in a housing rehab program will last as long as you want it to and follow the rules. Most people stay in our housing program around 6-months to a year, though some seem to prefer the rigid structure and assistance and stay longer.

Ultimately it is up to you to decide what works best. We would never try and encourage you to leave earlier than you need and never make you feel guilty for utilizing our services longer. We want you to succeed: remember that.

Addiction is never an easy issue to combat, which is why at the Delano Recovery Center we focus all our attention on our patients as individuals so that they receive the specialized care that they need.

Don’t hesitate or waste any more time, contact us today to get started on your recovery journey. Try not to stress too much about how long it will last because everyone’s journey is different, and you will find your own path. Stressing too much can ultimately impede on your recovery. Delano Recovery Center takes the stress out of addiction assistance.